Briner Oil Co.

About Us

Briner Oil Co., is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company established in 1969 by its Founder, Jerrold L. Briner. The company manufactures and distributes a wide variety of petroleum products and serves hundreds of individuals and businesses from its headquarters in Jonesville, Michigan.

Briner Oil Co. is a distributor of unbranded liquid fuels purchased from Marathon and Valero Oil Companies. Through these companies we provide our customers with gasoline, home heating oil, kerosene, #1 & #2 premium diesel fuels, Bio-Diesel and White Gas. With these quality products we are able to meet the demands our customers are requesting.

Jerrold L. Briner


Lube Plant building

In 1995 Briner Oil Co. constructed a 10,000 square foot lube blending facility with indoor storage capacity of 61,000 gallons of lube oil products. In 2003 we added an additional 10,000 square foot of space to our lube blending facility for warehousing semi-trailer loads of oil. We also added another 10,000 gallons of internal storage. We currently manufacture and market Briner Brand petroleum products.

Since 1969 Briner Oil Co. has been committed to being the #1 petroleum blending distributor for its customers by meeting or exceeding their expectations in products and service.

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